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What Is This Blog About?

On this blog we primarily discuss topics related to biblical theology and Christian discipleship. I believe that theological understanding is a key component of Christian discipleship. I also believe that theological discussion, which does not have growth in practical Christian godliness as its goal, is not only meaningless, but dangerous. We must seek to know and understand God’s word from a sincere desire to trust, love and obey our Savior in an ever increasing measure. If our pursuit of God’s truth does not arise from this simple devotion to Jesus Christ, it will easily become a snare to our souls. For this reason I seek to discuss topics, that in my experience, help answer some sincere theological questions that arise during the disciple’s journey. Sometimes this will take the form of warning against errors making the rounds in the confessing Church of our day. Other times it will be more devotional or systematic in nature. But my sincere prayer is that we will all grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Who Is The Author of This Blog?

My name is Christopher Chapman. I am a disciple of Christ. I was born again by God’s grace in 1992. I was discipled in a Wesleyan church, later went to a Pentecostal bible college and then to a Baptist University. In 1998 I moved to China as a missionary and remained there until 2005, except for a year long visit to the States in 2000. It was on that visit that I met my wife, Esther. We were married the end of 2001 and she then moved to China to be with me. In 2005 we moved to Jakarta, Indonesia (Esther’s home town) where we started and pastored a small local church until we moved to Missouri, USA in 2017.  We currently live in Manado, Indonesia where we proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have three children, two boys (Iman & Omid) and a girl (Muhabbet). 

What Are My Theological Influences?

Pre-Nicene Christian Writers – I believe in Early Church Orthodoxy. I fully affirm both the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed. The early church writings have helped ground me in the most fundamental Christian doctrines, as well as instilling in me an appreciation for the importance of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

Anabaptist – The Anabaptist movement believed that the local church should keep its forms of worship simple and that it should also do their best to maintain local congregations that consist only of truly born again individuals and their children. They also emphasized the need to keep ourselves free from entanglement in worldly politics and war. I accept these doctrines completely.

Puritan – The Puritans sought to think deeply and devote themselves fully.  Their intense study of the Scriptures was only outmatched by their passion to apply it to every part of their daily lives. I glean heavily from both their theological and devotional writings, which are usually woven together into one. They sought both to live and think for the glory of God; I seek to live such a life as well.

Methodist – The Methodist movement started by John Wesley, Charles Wesley and George Whitefield were deeply evangelical. They believed, and acted like they believed, the words of Christ, “Unless a man is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of Heaven.” They preached the Gospel boldly and clearly, calling on all men to repent of their rebellion against God and place their trust for salvation in Jesus Christ. They also called on those who accepted the Gospel to live holy lives that were unstained from the corrupt culture around them. I deeply affirm these truths, and seek both to live and preach them.

Christian – All of the groups I have mentioned are simply adjectives that I use before the noun, “Christian.” I am a Christian, plain and simple. But in order to help you understand what I mean by that wonderful title, I have provided you with the above adjectives.

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