God’s Attributes Roughly Defined

Attribute: Intrinsic characteristics and qualities

Uniqueness of God’s Being

Triune: Three Persons in one Being

Foundational Attributes (true of each attribute)

Self-existent: Without cause (dependent on nothing outside Himself)

Infinite: Without limit

Perfect: Without flaw

Unity: Without contradiction (all attributes work in perfect harmony as one)

Immutable: Without change (unchangeable)

Attributes of Goodness (Character)

Holy: Separate from evil (does not relate with evil)

Wrathful: Furious with evil

Just: Punishes evil by giving what sins deserve

Righteous: Always does right

Merciful: Doesn’t give what sins deserve (forgiving)

Gracious: Gives more than we merit (kind and generous)

Faithful: Fulfills covenants and keeps promises

Compassionate: Feels pity towards the suffering of others

Loving: Wants good for his people because He delights in them

Attributes of Greatness

Sovereign: Absolute control of all things

Eternal: Infinite existence (exists always / without beginning or end)

Omnipotent: Infinite power

Omnipresent: Infinite presence (exists everywhere)

Omniscient: Infinite knowledge

Wise: Infinite intelligence


Q: Are there more Gods than one?

A: There is only one true and living God, existing in three Persons, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; and these three are one God, equally sharing the same being, attributes and glory.     


Q: When did God begin to exist?

A: God has no beginning and no end, He is self-existent and eternal.


Q: What are God’s limitations?

A: God is infinite and perfect in all His attributes; He is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.   


Q: Is there anything God cannot do?

A: There is only one thing God cannot do; God cannot do evil.


Q: Do God’s attributes ever contradict one another?

A: God is perfect in His unity, His attributes function in absolute harmony without competition.


Q: Does God change?

A: God does not change, He is immutable in His perfection.


Q: Is God good?

A: God is good in all His attributes; He is holy, wrathful, just, righteous, merciful, gracious, faithful, compassionate and loving and wise.


Q: Over what does God reign?

A: God is sovereign over all things, there is nothing outside of His control.


Q: If everything is under God’s control, does that mean that God determined all things, including sin?

A: God predetermined all things that take place; He determined what He would do & what He would allow free creatures to do.


Q: How should we respond to the goodness & greatness of God?  

A: We should trust Him in humility & love, & worship Him with reverence & awe.

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