Intro to the Evangelistic Bible Study

How to Use the Evangelistic Bible Study

The following lessons were made to be used with people who are interested in learning about the biblical message of salvation. The person teaching the lessons should be a born again Christian and have at least a basic understanding of the Gospel. These lessons can be taught to individuals or to small groups.

The instructor should read, and be familiar with, the verses and the instructor’s notes before coming to the session. The instructor should come to the sessions with these lessons and a Bible in hand. After opening the session in prayer the instructor should help the student look up each of the verses and explain what these verses mean. The basic teaching of the Bible verses are presented in the instructor’s notes. The instructor should not merely read the notes to the student, instead the instructor should be familiar enough with the verses and what they teach to be able to present the main point in his own words. If the instructor gets stuck, he can refer to the instructor’s notes, but he should not be overly dependent on the notes during the teaching sessions; he should internalize the teaching before the session begins so that the teaching is as natural as possible.

After explaining the main point to be learned from the verses the instructor should ask the student the discussion questions. These questions have been designed to make sure the student understands the teaching and help the student apply the teaching to their lives personally. Since this is an evangelistic Bible study it is important that they are not just learning information, though information is very important, but also that they are being challenged by the truths that they are hearing. It is also important that the instructor understands that these questions are meant to give rise to discussion; they should ask follow up questions and encourage the student to share more than just yes and no answers. When they see the student does not understand something or doesn’t understand how it affects their life, the instructor should explain more and challenge the student to recognize how important these truths are to their souls.

The instructor should keep in mind that these lessons are only a tool to help them systematically share the biblical message of salvation. Each student is an individual, and the instructor should treat them as such. The Gospel is a living message that needs to be applied to living human beings. If the instructor has not been personally impacted by the salvation that is in Christ Jesus, and has no compassion for souls, the sessions will not be very effective in leading people to Christ.

Outline of the Lessons

The Problem

  1. Man is sinful
  2. God is holy

The Solution

  1. Jesus died on the cross for sins
  2. Jesus rose again to give new life

The Response

  1. Repent from rebellion against God
  2. Believe in the Lord Jesus

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