God is love. That’s it. A loving God would not let injustice prevail. That is why His wrath pours out on sin. He hates it and is set against those who reject Him. He would be unloving to be in favor of and indifferent to the sinner because He knows that sin is everything He is not and His children will never have or be what God intended for them living in devastating filth of sin. His love is demonstrated in His willingness to sacrifice for us to have the chance to say yes to Him. The current cozy Christian culture IS a response to the demonic arrogance of the brow beating church of yesterday where self-corrected behavior and proper appearance reigned supreme over the grace that gives room for people to work out their salvation and fail forward. Reverent fear and awe of God is vital to a healthy relationship, but only if it is coupled with the understanding of the vastness of His grace. While He is holy and expects us to walk in a way that brings Him glory, we must realize that it is through His strength and grace that we can even breath or take a step toward Him. We must learn to rest in the grace that does not condemn us while not folding our hands to rest in the ingratitude of idleness. I grew up in church thinking that I was an utter disappointment to God and that I had wasted my life and missed what He had for me. I knew God loved me, but that just meant I would escape hell if I didn’t screw up too much and believed in Him. This new wave of the kinder side of God really set me free from being driven by guilt, shame, and fear. Sure, it lead to some slacking off, but the pendulum of extremes eventually comes to rest in balance and now I choose to serve God to fulfill His plan for me and bring Him glory. I do have a duty to live righteously and be effective for His kingdom, but now I do it from a sense of purpose and partnership with my Father, Dad. I know God wonky let things go very well for me if I’m playing games. He loves me and won’t allow me to thrive in foolish sin. Hell is a motivator and so are negative consequences for not towing the line, but Jesus endured the cross for the joy that was set before Him. That’s what I want to be the foundation of my relationship with Christ. Is it better to do what your wife asked because you’re afraid she’ll be angry if you don’t or because you know it’ll please her if you do? It’s all about the relationship and I agree that many are skatin’ and taking it easy when they ought to be buckling down doing something with everything God has given them. Blessinngs on you and Praise Chapel for being willing to stand for true freedom.