Exposing the Errors of the Hebraic Roots Movement (Video #3)

In this short video we discuss:
What does Paul mean when he says we are justified by faith?
What does James mean when he says we are justified by works?
And what do either of these things have to do with the Hebraic Roots Movement?


  1. I think this video also could have been used to correct the teaching about sloppy grace as well. Everybody quotes Paul as saying not by works but by faith. When it actually is not by works of the Law. Soooo… people walk around and think they can be carnal and totally not walk in the Spirit and think they will receive eternal life. I even had on theologian who believes this way tell me the book of James is less inspired.

    1. In a teaching on this subject i did on LA i went into this & related subjects in depth to expose the erros of hebraic roots on one side & hyper grace on the other. A correct understanding on the NT exposes both opposite erros at the same time. Grace is opposed to Christians submitting to the Torah as fruit of salvation. And grace is opposed to Christians ignoring the Law of Christ.

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