About the Church and Salvation

  1. Who is God’s holy and chosen people?

The Church of Jesus Christ is God’s chosen people; the Church is made up of all true Christians.

  • The Church is God’s chosen people (Ephesians 2:19-22)
  • The Church is made up of all true Christians (1 Corinthians 1:2)
  • What color of skin do God’s people have? (God’s people are not known by the way they look but by their faith and character.)


  1. How can we receive salvation in Jesus Christ?

We are saved by trusting that Jesus, through His death on the cross, covers all of our sins and gives us peace with God.

  • We share in Christ through faith (Romans 5:1-2)
  • Saving faith trusts in Christ alone (Ephesians 2:8-9)
  • Do you believe that Jesus died for you?
  • Do you live for Him?


  1. How does God call people out of darkness?

God calls people out of darkness by the Holy Spirit who leads them to repentance and faith.

  • God frees people by leading them to repentance and faith through grace (1 Thessalonians 1:4-9)
  • Do you pray that God will lead you to faith and repentance?
  • Teach the child how to pray for God to lead them to faith.


  1. How does God make His people holy?

God makes His people holy by writing His law on their hearts by the Holy Spirit.

  • God renews His people’s hearts (Titus 3:5-6)
  • God writes His law on their hearts (Ezekiel 36:25-27)
  • Do you know that you need God to change the desires of your heart?
  • Share some of your wrong desires.


  1. What has God promised His people?

God has promised to lead His people all of their lives and then resurrect them from the dead and give them eternal life.

  • God has promised to raise His people from the dead and give them eternal life (John 6:40)
  • God has promised to guard them and bring them to that life (John 10:28-29)
  • Talk with your child about eternity and the importance to live for eternity not just for this life.


  1. What condition does God put on the promise of eternal life?

God promises to give eternal life to those who follow Him by faith until they die.

  • People must trust in Christ until the end (1 Peter 1:5, Hebrews 3:14, Matthew 24:13)
  • Explain to the child that the Christian life is like a race that we must finish to gain the prize. And remind them that until they join the race they have no hope of winning the prize.

4 thoughts on “About the Church and Salvation”

    1. Hello Deb,
      I look at it from two angles; the divine perspective and the human perspective.
      From the divine perspective i believe in security (not “once saved always saved” because to me that means people can do what they want and still go to heaven, but i believe that without holiness no one will see the Lord)
      From the human perspective i believe people can fall away from the faith.
      What that means is that i believe the Bible mentions both perspectives, but emphasizes the human perspective because it is written to humans 😉
      I believe the Bible is not a systematic theology book, but a practical guide for faith and practice. So there are passages that imply, and some that teach outright, eternal security. But there are even more that warn people of the real possibility of falling away. so the question is how to we take all the verses seriously instead of choosing the ones that fit our system.
      So i believe that the warning passages are very real, and are written to people who “think that they stand.” God puts warnings for those who have an attitude that presumes on their security and gross lax in the pursuit of holiness. I believe God uses these verse to humble and discipline His children.
      But the verses that emphasize God keeping people from stumbling or that emphasize that salvation is by grace from beginning to end were given for two scenarios. If a heart is proud thinking he has done something to contribute to his salvation, these verses should put him in his place and remind him that he didnt get saved, nor can he stay saved, except by God’s grace. the second reason these verses are given is to lift up hearts that are overwhelmed with the reality of their weakness and inability to keep themselves saved. When a believer sees how corrupt he really is this leads naturally to despair, but these verses lift up the fearful heart with the good news that God began the work and He will bring it to completion.
      So i think we should live with the reality that we can fall away, and therefore walk out our salvation in fear and trembling, fighting the good fight of faith. when we feel we have arrived and cannot be shaken, we should meditate on the severe warnings God gives to His people that fall away. But when our hearts begin to despair that we cannot possibly endure to the end and thus be saved, we must meditate on the grace that first taught our hearts to fear and know that the same grace will lead us home.
      if a person is over confident, i will tell them on the authority of God’s word that they are in genuine danger of falling away.
      if a person is in despair because of their frailty, i will tell them on the authority of God’s word that God will not let them stumble but will faithfully bring them into His kingdom.
      so how does this work out philosophically? God knows exactly who He has determined to save and faithfully discipline from all eternity. So, from His perspective there is nothing left to chance. But from our perspective, we dont know that we are one of those (without absolute certainty, though we can have reasonable assurance and comfort) who will endure until we actually endure.
      So in matters of diligent pursuit of final salvation by living a faithful and fruitful life, I am an “arminian”.
      But in matters related to comfort and assurance in salvation, i believe salvation is by grace alone, including persevering grace, therefore i am “calvinist” in that regards. i wouldnt say i am half one and half the other, but i accept both of them fully, arminians present the human perspective and calvinsts the divine perspective. i embrace both.
      I believe both are true. But apply them according to the circumstances of the case (i.e. proud can fall away, despairing can have hope).
      well, that was more than i planned to say, hope it makes some kind of sense 😉
      God bless!

      1. That was a truly wonderful perspective ! I loved it! Best explanation I’ve seen yet! I still have not been able to make the leap to Calvinism . OSAS is a block got sure. Sometimes I think I do believe it but then I realize I can’t do it ! I really respect your teaching and thoughts on this . Thank u for answering ! Would you send me an address to donate ? Is there an address j could send a care package to . Do they check mail ?

      2. Hello Deb,
        Im glad the thoughts were helpful, I just jotted them down so was afraid they were unclear.
        As for giving a donation to us, wow, thanks for thinking of us!
        If you desire to give you can go to the following link and press on the “donate” icon. After that you just need to choose the amount you want to give next to the country you want to support (Indonesia) and the family name you want to support (Chapman) and then fill out the other info that is required.
        As for sending a care package, it is quite difficult to receive here. They make us pay so a lot of money to get the package out of customs. But thanks for the thought.
        God bless!

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